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There's a great variety in the recipes offered, everything from Miso salmon to chicken piccata. So far I love it and it's a big improvement as far as saving my sanity after work. The cookbook starts with a huge list of ingredients that you might want to keep on hand, which is so incredibly helpful.

It's also splits the recipes into your basic poultry, beef, veggie sections, so it's easy to navigate. One aspect I love is the author's notes on each recipe. She adds a few comments on each ones about her personal experience with it.

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I read through the whole thing, bookmarking recipes I wanted to try, and then I went through my pantry to check for ingredients and made a big grocery list of what I needed. I've already made half a dozen recipes from the book and have a few more I'm trying soon.

The split pea and ham soup is the runaway favorite so far. It's creamy and so good! We sprinkled some grated parmesan on top and it warms up really well the next day too. The honey lime chicken tacos had a great flavor and everyone liked them a lot. We used lots of cilantro and Nonfat Greek yogurt as toppings and we'll definitely be making those again! The honey Dijon beef stew wasn't as great. It turned out pretty well, but the red wine flavor was a little overwhelming and I have another beef stew recipe we like more.

The only bomb was the carrot and coconut bisque. Honestly we are not picky eaters, but this one was awful.

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We ended up dumping it and making frozen pizza. You win some, you lose some. Overall I'm really pleased with the cookbook and I am planning on making a couple of the recipes each week. We always end up with leftovers and that makes packing lunches easier too! I have not made a recipe from this book to date I've only had it a couple days, after all, but several look delicious.

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I probably won't make any until after the holidays as I'm too busy at this time. However, my order arrived quickly and in brand new condition. It is a soft cover with average print you can read not too small. I would love to use my slow cooker more, especially during the week.

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I only seem to use it in the winter though, to make beef stew or a pot roast on a lazy Sunday - but when I go looking for recipe inspiration, online or in cookbooks, I can never seem to find any good ones. The recipes are either too complicated to be do-able in the morning before work, or I have a recipe for a non-slow-cooker version that works just fine and has the same amount of prep.

Tuesday Talk: Summer Slow Cooker Suppers

This cookbook, though, has some great ones! I have a whole bunch bookmarked - so many of them are super simple, and there are no sodium-filled cream-of-something soups in the ingredients lists here as there seem to be in many slow cooker recipes. Written by Kathy Hester, this book is filled with stellar recipes that may revolutionize the way you approach vegan cooking. Whether you want to make yummy curries and steamy stews or some decadent desserts, this book will help get the job done.

With the Kindle edition priced near ten dollars and a paperback copy coming in at just over fifteen, the per-recipe cost of this extensive compilation is nominal. Consequently, plant-based eaters have reason to rejoice. If you have celiac disease, a wheat allergy or some other aversion to gluten, this specialty cookbook is phenomenal.

Pineapple teriyaki drumsticks, pull-apart cinnamon raisin biscuits, bacon corn chowder, blueberry cobbler and shrimp jambalaya are just a few of the three-hundred recipes that are featured. Subscribers of Kindle Unlimited can read for free; otherwise, you can pay around ten bucks to purchase a Kindle or paperback copy.

Packed with forty recipes that will collectively get you through breakfast, dinner and dessert, this Martha Drummond cookbook is completely paleo friendly. You can pay eight bucks for the softcover book or three for the Kindle. Conveniently, Kindle Unlimited folks can access the book for free. America's Test Kitchen is known for its quality recipes and this collection is no exception.

Packed with foolproof instructions from reliable chefs, this product features healthy options that will satisfy your tastebuds without relying on the fat-packed ingredients put to work by many other slow-cook recipes.

365 Slow Cooker Suppers

Featuring snacks, sides, desserts and main courses, this cookbook costs around sixteen dollars for the digital edition and about a dollar more for the paperback. Consequently, this pick has a higher price tag than many of the other products in this list, but we still think this cookbook is a worthy purchase. Brought to you by the American Heart Association, this health-conscious cookbook is all about eating well without sacrificing your well-being.

The collection contains Crock-Pot-friendly recipes for braised curry-rubbed chicken, cioppino with white wine and country cassoulet as well as a number of appetizers and desserts. For this healthy book, you can anticipate paying just over ten dollars for the paperback or under seven for a Kindle-friendly copy. Obviously, your heart will thank you. Ranging from drinks and appetizers to meats, sides and desserts, the diverse recipes in this yummy cookbook each come with a nutritional analysis to help you make smart and healthful choices that suit your goals. How cool is that? A paperback copy costs less than fifteen dollars and the Kindle version costs less than ten.

Created by Gooseberry Patch, this user-friendly cookbook is divided into chapters based on required cook time so you can easily flip to whichever section works for the day at hand. Priced around seven dollars for the digital book and eleven for a spiral-bound copy, this easy-to-make recipe collection is very affordable. Warning: the pictures will likely make your mouth water. Phyllis Pellman Good, a New York Times bestselling author, is known for her satiating recipes, which is why this slow-cook collection featuring recipes that only use five ingredients each is something to take note of. The book contains over seven-hundred recipes including picks like apricot chicken, lazy lasagna, broccoli tortellini and upside-down chocolate pudding cake.

Covering all kinds of main dishes as well as snacks and sides, this detailed cookbook is worth every penny. Kindle aficionados can pay ten bucks for the e-book while paperback lovers will only have to shell out around a dollar more.

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We've already raved about America's Test Kitchen, which is why adding this easy-prep cookbook to our list of favorites is a no-brainer. But this book gives us recipes for the tried and true in addition to a few more exotic dishes. Including full-colour photography, this title comes with recipes that ties directly to the author's website. Every recipe is written with gluten-free options. Average rating: 4. Stephanie O'Dea.