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Looking for home : the elusive right to family life -- Staying home : the elusive benefits of child citizenship -- Family ambivalence : the contested terrain of intercountry adoption -- Targeting the right issue : trafficked children and the human rights imperative -- Under the gun : moving children for war -- David and Goliath : children's unequal battle for refugee protection -- Demanding rights and a future : adolescents on the move for a better life.

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  • Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age.

Why are unaccompanied migrant children living on the streets and routinely threatened with deportation to their countries of origin? Why do so many young refugees of war-ravaged and failed states end up warehoused in camps, victimized by the sex trade, or enlisted as child soldiers? This book provides the first comprehensive account of the widespread but neglected global phenomenon of child migration, exploring the complex challenges facing children and adolescents who move to join their families, those who are moved to be exploited, and those who move simply to survive.

Spanning several continents and drawing on the actual stories of young migrants, the book shows how difficult it is for children to reunite with parents who left them behind to seek work abroad.

Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age

It looks at the often-insurmountable obstacles we place in the paths of adolescents fleeing war, exploitation, or destitution; the contradictory elements in our approach to international adoption; and the limited support we give to young people brutalized as child soldiers.

Earlier that Saturday, in the pre-dawn dark, they had crossed the muddy greenish waters on a raft piloted by smugglers, who deposited them on the banks of the United States and told them to keep walking until they encountered a truck painted white with and green stripes, the markings of the U.

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Border Patrol. Within minutes, a Border Patrol vehicle came zooming in from the distance on top of the levee, a plume of white dust trailing behind. A Border Patrol agent told them to climb inside and the truck sped off. Never before had I witnessed such an astonishing scene, taking place the last day of my weeklong trip to the U. Spanning multiple continents, her superb book is a comprehensive examination of child migration across the globe and the accompanying human rights implications.

Oyen on Bhabha, 'Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age'

Divided into three parts, the book first explores the movement of children who cross borders attempting to reunite with parents who migrated earlier in search of work to support their families or parents who had fled war and other calamities. Even so, through various examples, Bhabha shows how family reunification for deserving migrant children is often delayed or denied altogether by legal obstacles and flawed policies.

Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age Human Rights and Crimes against Humanity

In this section, Bhabha argues that the common characterization of trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery, which is how I have often heard it presented, is inaccurate. It ignores the fact that it is the migrant children themselves who seek out a relationship with their traffickers believing they both will benefit through an offer of work only to end up being exploited because of their vulnerability.

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Because of wide media attention, the public is familiar with some facets of child immigrationsuch as the flow of unaccompanied minors from Latin America to the United States and from Africa and the Middle East to the European Union. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Sep 24, SlideShare Explore Search You.

Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age - Jacqueline BHABHA

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