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This list of summer container plants has something for everyone. You might even find some exciting new container gardening plants that you can grow this year. What are the best plants to grow in containers? This is a very common question that many new gardeners ask.

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But it will make it easier to find the best plants to put in pots if you narrow it down a bit. So start by answering these questions first…. Once you have some ideas in mind, it will make it much easier to choose plants for a container garden. As I mentioned above, there are tons of different types of container gardening plants to choose from. In fact there are so many that I could never cover them all in one list. So below I will give you tons of ideas for container plants to get you started…. Coleus — Coleus are colorful pot plants that can grow in a range of sunlight conditions. Coleus growing as a container plant will need regular water and well-draining soil.

Succulents — Succulents are great container plants that grow in small pots, or they can be combined into larger arrangements. They are easy-care outdoor potted plants for full sun, but some types will tolerate part-shade. Just be sure their soil drains very quickly, and let it dry completely between waterings. Some have gorgeous flowers in a variety of colors. All types of begonias make excellent container garden plants. They need slightly moist, well-drained soil, and grow best in part-sun.

Begonias make excellent potted patio plants.

Elephant ear EE — With their giant leaves, elephant ears aka: Colocasia are wonderful foliage plants for containers. They come in many sizes and colors, and can add lots of drama to your summer planters. EEs love water, but need fast draining soil. They usually grow best in part shade, but some can tolerate full sun. Marigolds — Marigolds are easy container plants for full sun and heat. They come in range of colors, from yellow or orange, to dark red.

Creeping Jenny — Creeping Jenny is a bright trailing plant that is perfect to tuck into any outdoor container garden. They are one of the best plants for container gardens, but they can become invasive in the ground. Creeping jenny are common garden plants for pots. Nasturtium — A wonderful trailing plant that will spill over the tops of your containers, nasturtium have gorgeous flowers and fun foliage. They are durable and inexpensive too. Not to mention, they are also easy to move around if you need to move your garden based on sunlight needs.

Many people like wooden containers because of their classic appearance. They add a gorgeous look to your container garden with little effort. However, wooden containers can be hard to move when left sitting in the same location for a longer period. If you are looking for a durable planter, you should consider concrete planters. They will last for quite a while. But because these planters are made from concrete they will need to be placed in a permanent location. They will be extremely difficult to move once placed. There are many gorgeous metal planters.

They are a great way to add some beauty to your container garden. However, the metal will conduct heat. Finally, window boxes are a great option for container garden planters. You can attach them to your windows or simply stack them. Here is what you need to know:. After choosing the correct pot and putting it in the proper location, make sure the pot has drainage holes. When the pot has holes, be sure to cover them with wire mesh or a coffee filter to keep dirt in but allow water to seep out. Choose a quality soil to fill your containers with.

Make sure the dirt is rich and fluffy. The fluffier the soil is the better aerated. This matter because this will impact how well the soil drains. Keep in mind, you will only want to fill the pot half way or three-quarters full. Be sure to break up any crumbles in the dirt while filling the pot. Place the plant on top of the dirt. When the plant is in place, add more soil to cover the roots and finish filling up the pot. Be careful not to compress the dirt.

Finally, add a layer of mulch around the plant when the pot is filled with dirt. This will help the plant to be able to retain moisture. Since you are almost ready to plant a container garden, I wanted to take the time to give you a few bonus tips to help your container garden thrive:. Also, you could choose to add a self-watering bulb or a drip irrigation system , if your containers are close together.

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