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Trends in drug discovery and development - Dr Ken Yeong - TEDxMonashUniversityMalaysia

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Drug Discovery

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ASSAY and Drug Development Technologies

A Small. Volume 1: Drug Discovery describes all the steps in the discovery process, including conceptualizing a drug, creating a library of candidates for testing, screening candidates for in vitro and in vivo activity, conducting and analyzing the results of clinical trials, and modifying a drug as necessary. Volume 2: Drug Development delves into the nitty-gritty details of optimizing the synthetic route, drug manufacturing, outsourcing, and marketing--including drug coloring and delivery methods.

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  • The Drug Discovery and Development Industry in India—Two Decades of Proprietary Small‐Molecule R&D;
  • Drug Discovery and Development, Volume 1: Drug Discovery by Mukund S. Chorghade;
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Contemporary Drug Discovery Lester A. Mitscher and Apurba Dutta. Peet and Hwa-Ok Kim. Discovery of the Antiulcer Drug Tagamet C. Robin Ganellin.

SAGE Reference - Drug Discovery and Development

Babich and William C. Dhal, Chad C. Huval, and S. Randall Holmes-Farley.

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