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He advised several Belgian federal, regional and local and foreign administrations and ministeries in the Netherlands and Ireland on organizational aspects of public sector reforms, regulation and governance. Please check out the latest book: With F. Department Department of Political Science. BOF hoogleraar. Internal mandates Bestuursmandaat Bestuursorgaan Departementsraad Politieke Wetenschappen effectief stemgerechtigd lid Faculteitsraad Faculteit SW effectief stemgerechtigd lid Faculteitsvergadering Faculteit SW effectief stemgerechtigd lid Onderwijscommissie Faculteit SW plaatsvervangend stemgerechtigd lid Expertenmandaat Expertenorgaan Bibliotheekcommissie Faculteit SW effectief stemgerechtigd lid Bibliotheekraad plaatsvervangend stemgerechtigd lid Commissie Academische Bibliografie effectief stemgerechtigd lid Facultaire Doctoraatscommissie Faculteit SW effectief stemgerechtigd lid.

Contact Stadscampus Sint - Jacobstraat 2 - 4 S. The UAntwerp website uses cookies. The regulatory state and its relation to the problems of autonomy. Explanations of the extending regulatory field The organizational-structural face of autonomization: agencies and agencification in Europe The New Public Management and its relation to the problems of coordination and control.

Objectives and competences: The course centers around three core concepts transforming contemporary governance: the notions of autonomy, control and coordination are put to scrutiny at different levels of government and in different geographical and organizational contexts. We first focus on the concept of autonomy by examining its meaning on a systemic level, along with its effect on the ability of the government as a whole to set and successfully pursue meaningful goals — that is, on state capacity and its constituent components, administrative and policy capacity.

While, conceptually, control can be conceived of as the opposite of autonomy coordination is a central issue of governing organizations, irrespective of where they are located in the imaginary autonomy-control spectrum. Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank all their colleagues who collaborated on the research project, Professor Andrea Piccaluga, Cristina Campanale, Emilio Passetti, Andrea Tenucci, and all the managers of the Tuscany Region who were interviewed.

Badia, F. La Public Governance come governo delle relazioni fra diversi soggetti istituzionali su un territorio.

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Governance of Public Sector Organizations: Proliferation, Autonomy and Performance by Per Laereid

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