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How to Write a Synopsis of your Novel, Movie or Play.

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Add to collection. Create new collection Collection name. Save Cancel. New Collection 0. Sign up to start collecting! Sign up Log in. How likely are you to recommend Education. What kind of person becomes a podiatrist? How does one end up with such a job? Don't worry about the name or the physical description of your character. It doesn't tell you anything about a character named Rafe to know that he is 6'4 and has washboard abs and wears t-shirts some of the time.

Stick to one notable and telling physical trait. Maybe your character has a scar on their eyebrow from being bitten by a dog, or maybe your character never wears skirts. This reveals something about them and gives them depth. Consider the setting. The setting of the play is where and when the story takes place. Placing your character in a tense situation or location is an important way to create drama.

Learning to Write Plays

Combining character and setting can also be a good way of developing your character, and figuring out what kind of story might result from their placement in that setting. If being a podiatrist is interesting to you, what about being a podiatrist in Paris, Texas? What kind of person becomes a podiatrist in Paris, Texas, for instance?

How does one end up there? Consider what other characters the setting may introduce. Who works the desk at the podiatry office? If it's a family business, maybe the podiatrist's daughter. Who has an appointment on a Friday? Who's waiting?

What are they in for? Take into account what would be probable. If you're making a play based on the future, make sure you prepare ideas for how you would stage this futuristic world. If your play takes place in the forest, be sure you have enough time and budget to make the forest come alive.

Be sure to include why the setting is how it is.

What Should You Do?

For example, a tornado passed through the forest and the forest is now a big mess. Figure out the inner story. The "inner" story refers to the psychological conflicts happening within the characters. This is largely hidden throughout the story, but it's important for you to have some sense of as you're writing the play.

The inner story will guide the characters throughout their decisions throughout the plot. The more concrete the inner story, the easier the characters will be to write.