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It was a packed four days in Kansas City.


Close to people participated in the various prayer services, discussions, and celebrations during the Kansas City Province Assembly. These three pillars—mission, community, and spirituality—support our life and work together. Precious Blood spirituality sends us out to the edges where people are suffering. Inspired by St. Precious Blood Volunteers will help you grow in your faith and discern your life calling by building community, walking with people who are suffering, and seeking reconciliation in a divided world.

Gaspar, our Precious Blood Community is called to fan into a flame the renewal today.

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He challenges me to not grow weary, but to stay energized about the mission of evangelization and renewal. These moments are truly grace-filled moments. John Wolf, C. Every human person is important and has value.

Our light loses nothing by sharing it. As we share our light, it becomes even brighter. Joe Miller, C. Read the latest news of the Kansas City Province.

Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

Want stories from our blog sent to you once a week? Sign up for the Weekly Wine Press. All proceeds support St. The Daily Iowan, a regional paper of southeast Iowa featured Fr.

Timothy Armbruster, C. Timothy moved to Centerville, Iowa to become pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church. He took over from Fr.

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In addition to the Sacred Heart and the Precious Blood, there are devotions to the Five Wounds in Christ's hands, feet, and side ; to the shoulder wound, where Christ carried the Cross; and to the wounds caused by the crown of thorns, to name just a few. Faced with Protestant discomfort with these devotions, many Catholics have abandoned or downplayed them.

go to link But we should not do that. These devotions provide a living witness to our belief in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. And as the Athanasian Creed tells us, in becoming man, Christ assumed humanity into the Godhead.

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Through the following prayers, we can all join with the Church in reaffirming our belief that our God walked among men, that one day we might all dwell with God. In this prayer, we recall the shedding of His Blood and ask that He may guide our lives so that we may be worthy of Heaven. This long but beautiful prayer recalls that our salvation comes through Christ's shedding of His Precious Blood. We offer our intentions together with His merits, so that God may look with favor on the needs of the Church and of all Christians.

It is a type of prayer known as an ejaculation or aspiration —a short prayer meant to be memorized and repeated throughout the day, either alone or in combination with longer prayers. In this prayer, we are reminded that repentance for our sins goes hand in hand with the struggles of the whole Church and concern for the souls in Purgatory. By the shedding of His Precious Blood, Christ saved mankind from our sins.


In this prayer, drawn from the traditional Roman Missal, we ask God the Father to help us to recognize our debt and thus properly to venerate the Precious Blood. In this moving prayer, we recall the redemptive quality of the Precious Blood of Jesus and adore the Precious Blood, which represents Christ's infinite love for all mankind. Share Flipboard Email. Lord Jesus Christ, who camest down from heaven to earth from the bosom of the Father, and didst shed Thy Precious Blood for the remission of our sins: we humbly beseech Thee, that in the day of judgment we may deserve to hear, standing at Thy right hand: "Come, ye blessed.

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Dear Mother of God and purest virgin, do offer to the Heavenly Father the Precious Blood and merits of Jesus Christ for all poor sinners and for the prevention of mortal sin. Dear Mother of God, and my Mother also, do offer to the Heavenly Father the most Precious blood and the merits of Jesus Christ, His most holy and Divine Heart, and His infinite merits, for our cruelly persecuted brethren in every land where Christians suffer persecution.

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Offer them also for the unhappy pagans that they may learn to know Jesus, Thy Son, and their Redeemer, and for the liberty, victory, and extension of the Catholic Faith in all the countries of the world. Obtain also for the newly converted fidelity and constancy in our holy Faith. Eternal Father, I offer Thee the merits of the Precious Blood of Jesus, Thy beloved Son, my Savior and my God, for the spread and exaltation of my dear Mother, Thy holy Church, for the preservation and welfare of her visible Head, the sovereign Roman Pontiff, for the cardinals, bishops, and pastors of souls, and for all the ministers of the sanctuary.

Blessed and praised for evermore be Jesus, who hath saved us with his Blood!