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Cosmides, L. Cognitive adaptations for social exchange. Crawford, C. Environments and adaptations: Then and now. Damasio, A. On some functions of the human prefrontal cortex.

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      The Origins of Virtue: Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation

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      Matt Ridley on Evolution, Economics, and "Ideas Having Sex"

      Verbal and spatial working memory in school-age children: Developmental differences in susceptibility to interference. Hayes, S. Hofstadter, M. Response modality affects human infant delayed-response performance.

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      Child Development — Kropotkin, on an exploration of Siberia, observed what he saw was cooperation among multitudinous animal species. He drew from that the conclusion that Huxley, who had described nature as "red in tooth and claw," was missing an important part of the evolution picture--the evolution of cooperation. And this leads to Ridley's thesis in this well written volume page 5: It is literally in our nature. He notes that our primate relatives set the stage for understanding the evolution of human cooperation.

      He notes the importance of a game, adopting game theory, developed by political scientist Robert Axelrod, in which humans will cooperate unless double crossed, at which point individuals will respond in negative kind. But, according to some theorists, as long as individuals are willing to cooperate with one another, they will get cooperation in return.

      His conclusion is intriguing page Not all, of course, will be convinced of the thesis. But it is a well written effort to integrate many different bodies of work to make his point. A fascinating and wide-ranging exploration of human nature, and how it has evolved biologically and culturally.