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Turkish, qadar, yaqdir tawanistan bilmek aqdir mi-tawanam bilirim, qadir about ap- nahu of num- taqriban, ashaghi-yuqari proximately bers , taqriban kam-wa-pish about around hawl piraman-e etrafinda. Eastern weavers rugs ttlbr8x10 turkish treasures tt light blue rust 8x10 persian rug Documents.

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Eastern weavers rugs ttri8x10 turkish treasures tt rust ivory 8x10 persian rug Documents. Eastern weavers rugs ttbr8x10 turkish treasures tt beige rust 8x10 persian rug Documents. A comparative study of learning styles among monolingual Persian and bilingual Turkish-Persian secondary school students Documents. Caracul from Uzbek karakul, an alteration of karakul Caragana from New Latin, of Turkic origin; akin to Kirghiz karaghan "Siberian pea tree". Or perhaps from Arabic kazagand, from Persian kazhagand "padded coat". A long-sleeved long- skirted cloak for men worn mainly in India and Pakistan.

A cracker.

Replacement of loanwords in Turkish

An ancient balance. Eleme figs from Turkish eleme "selected, sifted". Smyrna figs of superior quality packed flat.

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Imbat from Turkish imbat, a cooling etesian wind in the Levant as in Cyprus. Jettru from Turkic, a union of seven Turkic peoples of Central Asia formed at the end of the th or beginning of the th century under one khan. Karagane from Russian karagan, which is from Turkic karagan.

The Turkish Language

A species of gray fox found in Russia. Karakul from Uzbek karakul, literally a village in Uzbekistan Karakurt from Russian, of Turkic origin, karakurt, "a venomous spider".

Kelek from Turkish kelek, a raft or float supported on inflated animal skins. Kendyr from Russian kendyr, from Turkish kendir. A strong bast fiber that resembles Indian hemp and is used in Asia as cordage and as a substitute for cotton and hemp. The Turkic language of the Kipchaks. Konak from Turkish konak, a large house in Turkey. Kulah from Turkish Kula, a town in western Turkey. A Turkish rug that is often a prayer rug and that uses the Ghiordes knot.

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Kulan from Kirghiz kulan, "the wild ass of the Kirghiz steppe". Ladik from Turkish Ladik, a village in Turkey. A rug of fine texture woven in and near Ladik in central Anatolia. Lokshen from Yiddish, plural of loksh "noodle", from Russian dial. Merdiban an accounting method used by the Ottoman Empire, Abbasid empire, and the Ilkhanate; from a word meaning "Ladder" or "Staircase".

Definition and Examples of Word Borrowing

A room in a harem. A descendant of certain early Turkic invaders of Persia. A people of northern Iran holding political supremacy through the dynasty ruling Persia from to. Sanjak from Turkish sancak, which means "a banner" Sarma from Turkish sarma, which means "wrapping" Saxaul from Russian saksaul, which is from Kazakh seksevil. A leafless xerophytic shrub or tree of the family Chenopodiaceae of Asia that has green or greenish branches and is used for stabilization of desert soils.

Of or relating to any of several Turkic dynasties that ruled over a great part of western Asia in the th, th, and th centuries. A salt lake in Turkestan, a salina. Taranchi from Chagatai Taranci, literally "a farmer". Tarbagan from Russian, which is from Teleut. A tasseled cap of cloth or felt, usually red, that is worn by Muslim men either by itself or as the inner part of the turban. I would say Turkish.

Turkish and Persian Loans in English Literature

Turkish is extremely logical in it's grammar, very very regular and totally phonetic. You write the same way you speak. Its exotic character is more of a bonus I think, because it opens up a whole new way of thinking. Being Moslem is not about imitating Arabs, but the Turks didn't quite get that fact. The Ottoman language, as it was used by the Ottoman elite, was totally disconnected to the speech of the Turkish people. Keepin it real I'd say : Turkish will also open you the door to all the other Turkic languages in differing degrees, you'll immediately understand Azerbaijani and Tatar, also Turkoman Turkmen, Kirgiz and Kazak are going to be a hard one